Clubhouse user dialogs leaked to a third-party site

Clubhouse user dialogs leaked

The social network Clubhouse said that the dialogs of some of its users, who were in a closed room, leaked to a third-party site. The reason for this was a hacker attack that started on February 20.

An unknown user was able to bypass the security restrictions of the social network and transfer the audio files of users to a third-party website on the Internet, explained Rima Banasi, a spokeswoman for the Clubhouse.

The details of the hack were not disclosed, but the company announced that the user had already been identified, blocked and the necessary measures were taken to protect the data. At the same time, experts say that it is impossible to ensure complete confidentiality of information.

Clubhouse cannot make any promises about the confidentiality of conversations held anywhere in the world.commented Alex Stamos, director of cybersecurity company Stanford Internet Observatory and former Facebook security chief.

He noted that his company was unable to identify the identity of the hackers and the origin of the attack – it is possible that the attacker discovered a way to remotely share his login from the Clubhouse social network with the whole world.

Clubhouse’s popularity skyrocketed in February. The startup makes it possible for speakers to communicate within “rooms”, which listeners can join. They can even “raise their hand” to ask a question with the approval of the discussion moderators. The company recently raised $100 million in investments with an estimate of about $1 billion.

Clubhouse is enjoying a moment in the sun with users, including celebrities, getting involved and drawing more attention to the app, but it has also attracted scrutiny from security researchers. Just over a week ago, a report challenged Clubhouse on how well it was securing its audio streams and metadata. Stanford Internet Observatory claimed in its research that some of Clubhouse’s data was being transferred to a server in China where it could be vulnerable to spying.Siliconrepublic journalist Jonathan Keane writes.

Clubhouse only said that it is implementing “additional encryption” into its systems and preventing any data from being sent to China.

Security incidents have not severely limited the company behind the app, as it plans to open the platform to more users.

Let me remind you that Windows XP source codes leaked, as well as that Users seldom change passwords even after data leaks – take security measures!

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