Windows 7 users will not receive a patch for critical vulnerability in the IE

Windows 7 - End of Life
Windows 7 - End of Life

Microsoft said Windows 7 users would not receive a patch for a critical vulnerability in IE. The fix will be available only to Windows 7 users who paid for extended support.

Just a few days after the end of official support for Windows 7, it became known about a critical vulnerability in Internet Explorer, and the question arose whether the outdated OS would receive a fix.

According to Microsoft, the patch for the vulnerability will receive only Windows 7 users, which paid for extended support, and users of the home version of the OS will be left without an update.

“Now support has been discontinued; users without paid advanced support will no longer receive security updates. We continue to strive to help our customers stay safe as they upgrade their systems and upgrade to Windows 10. We understand that while we provide enough time to upgrade, some customers still lack it, so we offer them several options. Services like Microsoft FastTrack help speed up migration; you can also use the service “Virtual Desktop Windows” (includes three-year extended support for security updates) or arrange paid extended support. After the end of the support period, we will continue to work with our customers according to the most suitable course”, – told Beta News Microsoft representatives.

Recall that on January 14 of this year, Microsoft discontinued official support for Windows 7. This means that the company will no longer provide technical support, software updates, security updates, and patches for vulnerabilities.

On January 17 was reported about zero-day vulnerability in Internet Explorer (CVE-2020-0674). The vulnerability allows remote execution of arbitrary code on the system and is already exploited by cybercriminals in real attacks.

Currently, only a temporary micropatch is available for the problem and can be found on the 0patch platform.

According to the administration of the service, over the next three years it will release micro-patches for vulnerabilities in Windows 7 so that users will not be left alone with their devices.

The community of the My Digital Life online forum has found an illegal way to extend support for Windows 7: bypass Microsoft’s restrictions and allow the installation of Windows 7 Extended Security Updates on all systems. An illegal version of the OS is unlikely to help from this vulnerability.

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