What cyberbullying is? Stop it!

What cyberbullying is? Stop it!

The technology has evolved so many things, the way we communicate, the way we travel and even the way that we live. There is another that has got evolved with the evolution of technology, and that is a crime. Cyberbullying is the classic example of this. This is the type of bullying that takes place over digital devices. It can be either cell phones, tablets, computers or any other electronic device. It can further occur through calls, SMS, emails, chat rooms and even through games.

Provocation, insulting, threat, racism, gay-bashing and ethnic slurs all are part of the cyberbullying but the condition is that it should be done through any digital source. For example, if you purposely send any virus to a computer, then this act of yours will be considered as cyberbullying. This type of crime is not new, and because of the increased use of mobiles and online communication, the ratio of this type of crime has increased. But fortunately, there are jurisdictions and cyber laws to handle such bullies.

Dangers of cyberbullying?

Cyberbullying is not only the evolved form of crime, but it is more dangerous as well. Some of the people are already aware of the dangers of cyberbullying, but there is need to educate more people about its dangers. Not only the victim gets emotionally disturbed, but he also starts to show signs of negative behavior.

Few reasons affirm that cyberbullying is extremely dangerous. The main reason is that the bullies can stay anonymous. Because of the digital devices, they don’t have to come in front of you to threaten or blackmail you. They remain omnipresent, and because you don’t know the bullies by face, they can be around you anytime and anywhere. Because the audience size of the digital devices has increased, it has become impossible to eliminate the offensive material. This makes cyberbullying very public and faster to escalate. This is something that adds further danger to cyberbullying.

Types of cyberbullying:

There can be different types of cyberbullying, and we are listing common types here.


This type of cyberbullying is done through chat rooms, messages and emails in which angry or rude comments have been exchanged.


Leaving someone out of the group intentionally is considered as an exclusion. Although it is not a very extreme type of cyberbullying ethically, it is considered as the cyberbullying.


Making fun of someone on the internet or any other social media app or platform is known as denigration. Even the mean online comments are also the part of Denigration.


In this cyberbullying the assailant tricks the victim to reveal some personal information and then shares this information with others without getting the information from the owner. This type of cyberbullying has been increased over the past few years as more and more people have joined social media platforms and they share most of their information through their profiles.


In cyberbullying, harassment is not considered as physical violence. In cyber terms, harassment is sending malicious messages repeatedly to someone online.


In this type of cyberbullying the victim is continuously followed on the internet by any specific person, and in extreme cases, it also includes denigration and continuous harassing.

So in this post, we’ve determined cyberbulling and its types. Stay tuned to find out how to avoid cyberbulling and how to get rid of it, if you (or your loving one) already became a victim.

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