Take a Closer look to Your Bank Accounts

Some people stop watching on credit card balance on holidays and that is what hackers hope on! It’s enough to use a card in some unreliable store and you will lose all your money. If you see that some unknown apps ask your credentials be sure it’s scammers work. Be very attentive.

Fake surveys

If you received an email with survey and it promises to pay money or reward you with gift cars be careful! Cybercriminals on its way to your privacy.
The survey seems to be easy and short, but usually, after finishing all questions you will be asked for personal information. That’s the reason why you’ve received an email. Your personal data will be used in other malicious attacks.

Take a Closer look on URLs

Don’t forget to check if the links are real on websites and email. Just hover over the link and compare what link appears in the address bar. It may be completely different, so do not click on it in any case! Don’t be a mice in a world of dangers.

Shipping status malware messages

Fake shipping notifications appear in your mailbox really often before holidays. When holidays are so close people clicking on such email thinking that it is about their orders. So in all this festive atmosphere don’t lose your alertness.

By Polina Lisovskaya

I have been working as a marketing manager for many years and I like to look for interesting topics for you

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