eBay Scams

Fraud by sellers is any attempt to misrepresent the products they sell.

Among the vast amount of online shopping platforms, eBay stands off as a trusted and well-known one. Such a massive popularity obviously attracts fraudulent activities, causing eBay scams to appear. This article will explain how the most common scams on eBay work, review the red flags to look out for, and discuss what to do… Continue reading eBay Scams

URL:Scam (Avast)

URL:Scam usually notifies about a dangerous website, but may also be a false alarm

URL:Scam is a generic detection name of a dangerous website, that appears in several antivirus engines. It may appear during routine Internet browsing, as well as pop-up after opening a link from a document or a chat. This detection may refer to a wide variety of unsafe websites, as well as be a false positive… Continue reading URL:Scam (Avast)

Fake Robux Generators Spread on Government Websites

Researchers noticed dozens of PDF documents that propagate fake generators of Roblox in-game currency

Huge number of fake Robux generators recently appeared on a range of websites with .gov, .mil, and edu. They commonly pose as PDF files, enriched with keywords that boost their SEO ranking to show up on top of Google search results. By parasiting on legit domains of government, military, and educational organizations, they also avoid… Continue reading Fake Robux Generators Spread on Government Websites

What is Catfishing? Explanation & Ways to Avoid

Any online communications with strangers have a risk of your contact not being a person it says it is

Catfishing appears to be the new-old approach in online phishing. While having less direct threat to the user, it may sometimes create even bigger problems, and inflict emotional damage. But how does it work? And what catfishing is, after all? Let’s find out. What is Catfishing? In brief, catfishing is the creation of a false… Continue reading What is Catfishing? Explanation & Ways to Avoid

Halloween Shopping Scams — Ways to Detect & Avoid

Frauds are happy to use any holiday to scam people, and Halloween is not an exclusion

2023 Halloween, similarly to other holidays and events of this year, will likely become a topic of a huge number of shopping scams. Con actors create websites that offer purchasing various thematic goods at low prices, while in fact they simply take your money and vanish. What are online shopping scams? Online shopping scams are… Continue reading Halloween Shopping Scams — Ways to Detect & Avoid

Wilko Stock Liquidation Scams – Fake Shopping Sites

Fraudsters use the topic of stock liquidation as a basis for numerous shopping scams

Recent events around the Wilko retail chain are sad for its customers, but may also expose folks to financial dangers. Scammers use the news about shops and stock liquidation due to financial issues as a basis for a huge amount of shopping scams. Let’s find out how they work, what are their dangers, and how… Continue reading Wilko Stock Liquidation Scams – Fake Shopping Sites

Back to School Scams Expand As August Begins

For the next month, students and their parents should be vigilant.

As the new school season approaches, scammers target students and their parents. They use social engineering and offer free school kits and discounts to lure potential victims. Thus, back to school scams are gaining momentum. The Season of Back to School Scams Cybersecurity researchers discovered a scam campaign that uses PDF files. Under the guise… Continue reading Back to School Scams Expand As August Begins

Are .zip Domains Safe to Use and Visit?

Scammers have learned how to use .zip domains in spear phishing

The Internet has become our second home. Every time we surf the Internet, we scammed. And this time, cybercriminals did not miss their chance to deceive us using a new “.zip” domain. What’s a .zip domain? Some time ago, Google allowed new Top Level Domain (TLD) names for registration. Those are .zip, .mov, and .phd.… Continue reading Are .zip Domains Safe to Use and Visit?

Twitter Blue to X Phishing Breakout

Another unpleasant situation with Twitter is expanding around its transition to a new name - X

Amid the chaos of Twitter’s transition to the new name – X, scammers have devised yet another deception scheme. They offer Twitter Blue users to transfer their subscriptions to X, but the victim gives the attackers access to their Twitter account instead of moving. Twitter Blue to X Phishing Emails As Twitter’s global rebranding is… Continue reading Twitter Blue to X Phishing Breakout