“Your Connection is Not Private” Error

Error message “Your Connection is Not Private” shows potential issues with information security

While using a web browser, users may encounter the error “Your connection is not private”. In this post, I will explain why this happens and how you can fix it. Why does “Your Connection is Not Private” appear? The “Your Connection is Not Private” error is a common security message that appears when your browser… Continue reading “Your Connection is Not Private” Error


Do you pay attention to how the URL of the website begins?

HTTPS and HTTP are constantly around us, but their difference is not really clear. What do they differ with? And why do I see these “Your connection is not secure” pop-ups when the connection is HTTP? In this article, I will explain the HTTPS vs HTTP difference and what connection type you should stick to.… Continue reading HTTPS vs HTTP

Safari Can’t Establish a Secure Connection Error

"Safari Can’t Establish a Secure Connection" appears when something went wrong with security settings of the page or your web browser

The “Safari Can’t Establish a Secure Connection” error message appears when browsing the web on a Mac. It may be met by anyone during their daily routine browsing. These messages often state that Safari has been unable to connect to the server securely. There are multiple reasons why many people encounter this error message in… Continue reading Safari Can’t Establish a Secure Connection Error