Hello Perv

A new Hello Perv email sextortion scam got its name for the introduction words

“Hello perv” is a name for an email scam that got its name from the eponymous title. It aims at scaring the user and asking them to pay the ransom in cryptocurrency, in an exchange to not publishing explicit contents. These emails are sent in thousands, targeting people all around the world, sometimes even misfiring… Continue reading Hello Perv

Have you heard of Pegasus? Scam

Cybercriminals threaten to publish explicit videos with the user, allegedly leaked with Pegasus. Here's why it is a scam and false claims

Have you heard of Pegasus? is a type of email scam that targets individuals around the world, threatening to release compromising information. To prevent this, the email message asks to pay the ransom to a Bitcoin wallet. In fact, all the claims in the message are complete and utter lies, and all the scam holds… Continue reading Have you heard of Pegasus? Scam

What is Sextortion? Explanation, Signs & Ways to Avoid

In spite of being a rather old type of email scam, sextortion may get a new life with the AI-powered generation of fake videos and photos

Sextortion is a specific email phishing tactic that was around for quite some time. Over the last few years though its popularity skyrocketed, and some novice technologies make me concerned regarding possible sextortion approaches in future. Let me explain what I mean, what this scam is about, and how to detect and avoid it. What… Continue reading What is Sextortion? Explanation, Signs & Ways to Avoid

“Professional Hacker” Email Scam Revealed & Explained

Hackers use different patterst to scam people, but some have become obscenely popular.

Among hundreds of different types of scam emails, there is a specific scary one that bothers people around the world. Known as “Professional Hacker” scam email, it claims that an illusory hacker has accessed your PC and gathered whatever information, including capturing videos through the web camera. Message is accompanied by a ransom demand and… Continue reading “Professional Hacker” Email Scam Revealed & Explained

Financial Assistance Department Email Scam to call (855)-XXX-XXXX

Recently, some users have received an email from the Financial assistance department.

Email is one of the oldest ways to exchange information over the Internet. So, email scams are the most common type of scam that originated, as it is believed, back in 1995. However, Financial assistance department scam is a relatively new type of scam that has recently emerged. In this article, we will look at… Continue reading Financial Assistance Department Email Scam to call (855)-XXX-XXXX