Stopabit Virus

If you see Stopabit in the Task Manager, your system is at risk

Stopabit is an unwanted application that can steal sensitive data. One of its primary functions involves browser hijacking, enabling it to intercept and collect sensitive input data, focusing on capturing passwords. The most visible sign of its activity is the changed browser search engine and start page and numerous advertisements on websites and in system… Continue reading Stopabit Virus

SMApps Virus

SMApps is a pretty nasty thing. You should get rid of it as soon as possible.

SMApps is a malicious program that aims at spreading illegal promotions. It mainly attacks browsers by changing settings and redirecting search queries from Google to suspicious sites. Possible distribution methods are standard: malicious adverts and dodgy sites with hacked software. This malware uses different detection evasion, anti-analysis, and persistence tactics. Although primarily positioned as adware,… Continue reading SMApps Virus

Dragon Angel Malicious Browser Extension

Malicious extension Dragon Angel hijacks web browser

Dragon Angel is a browser extension that functions as a hijacker malware. It redirects users to promoted search engines or websites. These redirects ruin the process of browsing and can lead to irrelevant or potentially harmful content or malware distribution. Dragon Angel Overview Dragon Angel is a malicious browser extension that can appear in Chrome… Continue reading Dragon Angel Malicious Browser Extension

Re Captha Version Pop-Ups Virus

Pop-up notifications in a web browser may distract users, and also are a major security hazard

Recent user complaints show a new wave of malicious Re Captha Version website pop-ups. Such websites aim to force users into allowing pop-up notifications, to further send dozens of pop-up advertisements. Let me explain how this all works and how to stop pop-ups from appearing.

Malicious ChatGPT Add-On Hijack Facebook Accounts

Malicious plugin that steals Facebook accounts hides under the guise of ChatGPT

ChatGPT became a worldwide phenomenon in recent months. GPT-4 update created even more hype around it, bringing it on top of numerous newsletters. Such an opportunity could not be ignored by cybercriminals – and they stepped in with a malicious browser plugin that parasites on ChatGPT image. Reportedly, that plugin hijacks Facebook accounts of anyone… Continue reading Malicious ChatGPT Add-On Hijack Facebook Accounts

Yahoo Search: How to Remove Yahoo from Chrome?

Yahoo Search is a legitimate search engine that exists for over 25 years. When chosen by desire, it offers all the basic functions of any search engine. However, there are certain situations when Yahoo search appears in your Chrome browser without your wish. In this article, I will show you how to remove Yahoo Search… Continue reading Yahoo Search: How to Remove Yahoo from Chrome?