HOW TO: restart a browser with all opened tabs?

HOW TO: restart a browser with all opened tabs?

How often we become very angry when our browser suddenly or accidentally shutting down with all important tabs in it? It’s time to stop this outrage!

Google Chrome

It’s very easy, just type chrome://restart in your browser to restart Chrome with saving your tabs.

If you want to do everything automatically (that is exactly what we are suggesting) you need to navigate Chrome menu button (three vertical dots in right part of the browser) and select “Settings”. Find On startup section and chose the “Continue where you left off” option. That’s all! You don’t need to worry anymore about closed tabs.

Internet Explorer

To restore tabs after closing Internet Explorer you need to open Tools and click on “Reopen previous browsing session”.

To make this option permanent you need to open a gear button in right part of your browser and click on “Internet options. You will see the General Tab with all main settings. Find Startup ones and click on “Start with tabs from the last session” option.


If you are a Firefox lover it’s very easy to close the browser without losing open tabs. Find Shift-F2 combination on your keyboard, type “restart” in opened window and click Enter.

To do it automatically each time you’ve closed a browser click on Options in menu button (three horizontal bars). In general settings, you will find option what to open when Firefox starts. The best thing is that this browser remembers not only tabs but multiple windows also.

So as you can see it’s very simple to save all your tabs and windows in any popular browser. Be mindful online!

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