MongoDB Data Breaches

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One of the biggest breaches of databases happened recently – personal information on nearly 50 thousand users was stolen and replaced by random files with instructions on how to get the data back. Even those users who paid never got their information back. Why? Because it is not beneficial to other hackers – if you pay one of them, another one will make their demands.

All these problems are associated with an online database platform MongoDB. Many companies use it to store users’ personal information, but it is straightforward to hack and make it accessible to everyone. If a company installs it on a server with a default setting, anyone can see it and even change something, so it regularly causes data breaches.

On the Internet, you can find a lot of unfortunate stories about data breaches because of inappropriate installation. Every time the number of victims is impressive. The last time it was 1.5 million users. Even now, you can find more than 52 thousand databases open to public access because of the incorrect use of the MongoDB platform. When you open those files, hackers can find an email, name, or even a Bitcoin address and demand payment. Research has shown that more than 30,000 databases were erased and replaced by hacker’s requests.

Unfortunately, most victims don’t know what’s happened to them or what they need to do. They won’t get personal data back by satisfying the requirements of hackers.

So remember this simple truth – in one day, someone will try to hack you and your data. Do not trust the companies if you don’t know anything about their security system because this can lead to irreversible consequences. Also, you can protect your PC from any viruses that can steal your information and make your system vulnerable by using powerful protection. We offers effective tools to keep your system safe.

MongoDB Data Breaches

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