Safari Can’t Establish a Secure Connection Error

"Safari Can’t Establish a Secure Connection" appears when something went wrong with security settings of the page or your web browser

The “Safari Can’t Establish a Secure Connection” error message appears when browsing the web on a Mac. It may be met by anyone during their daily routine browsing. These messages often state that Safari has been unable to connect to the server securely. There are multiple reasons why many people encounter this error message in… Continue reading Safari Can’t Establish a Secure Connection Error

What is SSL Certificate?

Many of us have probably noticed various security-related markings around browsers’ address bars, but our understanding of what it all meant remained vague. These things are a closed padlock icon, green and yellow highlighting of the link, and, if something is wrong, we see an open padlock icon, crossed HTTPS at the beginning of the… Continue reading What is SSL Certificate?