How To Stop McAfee Popups

Sometimes antivirus software solutions display too many popups, and McAfee is no exception.

It’s a good tone to be concerned about safety on the Internet. It’s ok when you have antivirus software installed, and it sometimes sends you a threat alert. However, getting notifications from an application you don’t use or haven’t even installed is a reason to think twice. For example, you may have heard of McAfee,… Continue reading How To Stop McAfee Popups

Top Facebook Scams 2024: How to Avoid Them

More than 2.8 billion people log in to Facebook monthly to connect with friends, share information, get their news, and even shop. The world’s most popular social media platform is Facebook. The site has so many active users that scammers have a huge potential pool of victims to try their tricks on. If only a… Continue reading Top Facebook Scams 2024: How to Avoid Them

Top 12 Instagram Scams in 2024

Instagram is a common place for wide variety of scams

Nowadays, it’s hard to find someone who has not heard of Instagram. Whether you use it to see what’s new with your friends or to kill time watching cat videos, the app has just about everything. However, besides entertaining videos on Instagram, some things can negatively impact your financial health. Cybercriminals couldn’t get past this… Continue reading Top 12 Instagram Scams in 2024

Signs You’re Dealing With an Online Scam

The more activity you do online, the bigger the chance of having to deal with scammers.

According to statistics, 1 of 10 Americans are exposed to online scam. Whether you are a dating site user or just a Facebook visitor from time to time, you are still among those who are at risk of threats from scammers. To avoid falling prey to fraudsters’ cunning and deceptive tactics, you should learn a… Continue reading Signs You’re Dealing With an Online Scam