Dutch shops run out of cheese due to a ransomware attack

run out of cheese

Storage and shipping company Bakker Logistiek suffered a ransomware attack and run out of cheese in some Dutch stores.

The fact is that Bakker Logistiek is one of the largest logistics providers in the Netherlands, which stores and transports food for Dutch stores, says Bleeping Computer.

Bakker Logistiek was attacked last week by ransomware that encrypted devices on the company’s network and disrupted food transportation and delivery.

We couldn’t get orders from customers. In our warehouses, they did not know where the products were. These are very large warehouses, where you are not just looking for a pallet. Also, we could not plan transportation. We have hundreds of trucks, this is not done manually either.Thun Verhoeven, the head of the company, said.

What particular ransomware was responsible for the “cheese deficit” is not disclosed, but Verhoeven reported that attackers could gain access to systems through recently discovered vulnerabilities in Microsoft Exchange (ProxyLogon).

As a result, the failure led to a shortage of some food products on store shelves, especially cheese in the country’s largest supermarket chain, Albert Heijn. Because of this, a notice even appeared on the network’s website warning buyers about the possible unavailability of prepackaged cheese.

Due to a technical malfunction, there is limited availability on the prepackaged cheese. The logistics service provider works hard to solve the problem as quickly as possible and to quickly restore availability. We apologize for the inconvenience.Albert Heijn posted on their website.

Bakker Logistiek assures that it can restore damaged systems from backups and is already coordinating with customers to resume deliveries as soon as possible.

run out of cheese
Albert Heijn empty shelves

Bakker Logistiek is not the first warehouse operator that suffered from the ransomware.

In November, global temperature-controlled warehouse operator Americold was attacked with ransomware that affected telephone systems, email, inventory management and order fulfilment.

But, perhaps this is not the worst thing, let me remind you that I recently wrote that Kansas resident charged with hacking water utility computer system, and even earlier that Hacker changed the chemical composition of drinking water in a small Florida town.

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