Akamai Says Powerful DDoS Attacks Are Becoming the Norm

DDoS attacks becoming the norm

According to Akamai’s calculations, powerful ransomware DDoS attacks are becoming the norm. Although they fall short of past records (recall last year’s 2.54 TB/sec attack or 1.35 TB/sec attack in 2018), it’s still a big problem.

The fact is that three recent attacks are among the six largest DDoS attacks ever detected by Akamai. Experts explain that so many powerful DDoS attacks are actually becoming the new norm. For example, for three months in 2021, the company has already recorded more attacks with a capacity of over 50 Gbps than in all 2019.

The most notable attacks were at 800+ Gbps, 824 Gbps, and 812 Gbps. The last two occurred on the same day – February 24, and the company discovered another powerful attack (594 Gbps) on March 5.

All three abovementioned attacks targeted an unnamed European gambling organization as well as an unnamed Asian video game company. Two of these attacks were the largest known to date ransomware DDoS attacks.

The recent ransomware attack at over 800 Gbps targeting a European gambling company was the largest and most complex we have seen since the massive return of ransomware attacks that began in mid-August 2020.analysts say.

The company also notes that attackers expanding horizons and embrace new geographic regions and industries, therefore, the number of targets has grown by 57% today compared to last year.

Overall, 2021 DDoS campaigns are expected to be more focused and resilient. Some of these attacks, targeting the addresses of two specific customers, lasted several days, and hackers tried to actively exploit any weaknesses in the company’s defenses.

In one attack, attackers targeted nearly a dozen IP addresses and sorted through multiple DDoS attack vectors in an attempt to increase the likelihood of a server environment failing. In fact, 65% of DDoS attacks targeting our customers were multi-vector.Akamai reports.

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