End of support for Adobe Flash caused interruptions in the Chinese railway system

End of support for Adobe Flash

As you know, back in 2017, Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Mozilla, as well as Adobe itself announced the end of support for Adobe Flash. The technology was officially “killed” on December 31, 2020, after which support for Adobe Flash Player was finally discontinued.

In December, Adobe released the latest Flash update and has become more aggressive in advising users to uninstall the app. In addition, the company has repeatedly warned that starting from January 12, 2021, Adobe will block the launch of any Flash content, and a special code for self-destruction has been built into the software code in advance.

However, it appears that the end of Flash support and operation came as a surprise to rail workers in China’s Liaoning province.

Apple Daily reports that China Railway Shenyang’s railway software is based on Flash, and after the technology shutdown on January 12, employees, in fact, lost control of the entire system.

Tuesday’s chaos arose after China Railway Shenyang failed to deactivate Flash in time, leading to a complete shutdown of its railroads in Dalian, Liaoning province. Staffers were reportedly unable to view train operation diagrams, formulate train sequencing schedules and arrange shunting plans.reports Apple Daily.

According to Apple Daily, the problem was solved only the next day, by installing a pirated version of Flash.

However, ArsTechnica journalists write that, most likely, an inaccuracy crept into the Apple Daily material due to the complexity of translation from Chinese.

After a day of chaos, the railroad found a solution: it reverted to an older version of Flash without the self-deactivating code. The railroad installed it early on the morning of January 13, allowing operations to resume.clarified ArsTechnica journalists.

So, a detailed report on what happened was published by officials in the Chinese social network QQ (later the message was deleted due to ridicule).

Finally, Chinese users suggested in the English media that the latest Flash client in China can still be downloaded from flash.cn (according to adobes flash support page), and it has no time bomb.

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