Spam Email. What Do Spammers Hope For?

Spam Email. What Do Spammers Hope For?

For many of us, the most dreaded chore can be the weekly mail cleanup – answering all the overdue emails and deleting the ones that are of zero importance going ahead. But what is probably the most irksome parasite that latches onto emailing is annoying spam. There must have been a time when you would have opened yet another email telling you that you have won a coupon to a store or informing you of the miraculous solution to weight gain and thought, ‘Why do people even spam?’

Well, here is what the purpose of spammers is: money. Most people get sucked into the spamming business because it is a lucrative one.

It is a business that does not require heaps of investment and is quick to return major profits in a small amount of time. For people that are trapped in financially tricky situations, this is an easy way out. By spamming people with marketing campaigns over email, they are able to earn a wholesome amount of money sitting at home.

According to the people involved in spamming, it is all about how much money you can earn through your emails as it is the measure of the success you have achieved through it. They first acquire email lists containing millions of valid emails by purchasing them and then get on with the spamming. Sometimes they may have to purchase spam filters and also check whether they can get through undetected by filters as many people have begun to employ them so they do not receive spam messages.

Spammers must send spam messages to millions of email accounts in order to earn some profit. Even if a small percentage of the million respond or purchase the product, they are able to generate a hefty amount.

Some spammers also earn by the number of clicks that they are able to generate on particular links, an accumulated number of which may lead to earnings. Earnings may range from $200 to $2000 per week depending on the number of clicks or purchases.

While a majority of the time, the purpose of spammers is financial gain, it may sometimes wager towards other things. These may include picking up spamming as a hobby or activity or it may even be used for hacking purposes. Hackers tend to use innovative ideas to alter the data on websites or try and get into its database and spamming is one means that they may choose.

All in all, spammers are just people like us who have found a rather annoying, and maybe a little illegal and immoral means of earning money.

Their main purpose is to convince you to be interested in and purchase a product through their unconventional marketing campaign and hopefully make a few bucks off of that.

Your best bet is to employ the use of spam filters and avoid sending your email out on the internet if you want to have it spam-free.

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